Our Law Firm” offers a wide range of legal services in the fields of Labour Law, Industrial Realtions, Sport Law, Taxation, IP Law and International Commercial Law to large and medium sized companies. Mr Michele Sacchi, a qualified Italian Lawyer with a sizeable experience in European and International markets (United Kingdom, Belgium, France, U.S.A. and China), will provide your company with a high-profile, multisiciplinary and customised service and will assist you in finding the best way to develop your business in Italy.


The “Avvocato Sacchi Law Firm” (Studio Legale Avv. Sacchi) offers a complete and multidisciplinary consultancy in the fields of labour law and industrial relations and international commercial law to large and midium-sized International companies that operate or want to operate in the Italian market.

This taylor-made service, offered by a skilled and experienced professional based in Parma, Italy, allows the client to benefit from the advantages typically provided by a “legal boutique” without intermediaries, useless bureaucratic procedures and, last but not least, at a reasonable cost.

The client will be assisted by a dedicated professional with interdisciplinary experience in labour and trade union matters and with a deep understanding of the underlying tax, contributory and statutory issues.

Thanks to these professional services the client would be able to manage labour relations appropriately within the tricky context of the Italian legal system, thus ensuring considerable savings by reducing litigation at all levels and by avoiding any unwanted indirect costs (sick leaves, injuries, feelings of distrust, internal conflicts, etc.). 

Furthermore, the client would save most of the cost related to the internal resource that should perform this task.

In a nutshell, the goal of the “Avvocato Sacchi Law Firm” is to assist the top management and/or the ownership of the company in the management of personnel and international contracts through a specific, taylor-made and directly provided consultancy.


A) establishment of the employment relationship:

•         consulting on general HR strategies;

•          consulting on the correct type of contract to be used according to the clients’ carachteristics and operational requirements;

•         review of contractual models and employment letters;

•          general assistance to the internal HR office during the process of establishing the employment relationship;

•          drafting of “non ordinary” contracts, such as: secondments contracts; collaboration contracts; labour supply contracts.

B) management of the employment relationship (ordinary execution):

•          management of the disciplinary process: drafting of dispute letters, controversy management, statutory penalty imposition and relations with trade unions and administrative offices;

•          drafting and implementation of internal disciplinary and organisational regulations (i.e.: working hours scheduling, cafeteria service, use of badges, etc.);

•          drafting and management of internal regulations (security provisions; privacy procedures; etc.);

•          drafting and management of special company agreements concerning “smart working” and/or teleworking;

•         drafting and management of “corporate welfare” plans;

•          analysis and possible implementation of “fringe benefits” (cars, smartphones, tablets, etc.);

•          setting up employment incentive schemes;

•          relations with trade unions and assistance in the negotiation of company contracts and/or second-level contracts.

C) management of severance procedures:

•          agreements for consensual resolution and early retirement procedures, etc.;

•          individual dismissal procedures for both economic reasons (dismissal for justified objective reason) and for disciplinary reasons (justified dismissal and dismissal for justified subjective reason) and management of the procedure from the analysis of the needs till the effective end of the employment relationship;

•          management of labor disputes and ADR (alternative dispute resolution) procedure.

D) extraordinary activities such as:

•          complete legal management of collective dismissal procedures;

•          labour contracts management in case of mergers and acquistions, lease of business, etc.;

•          specific training sessions on labour law and trade union law for top management, executives and/or managers;

and, last but not least, labour law litigation.

E) advanced communication with other professionals such as accountants, labour consultants (“Consulenti del Lavoro”), auditors, experts in the field of privacy and workplace safety.


In the field of International Commercial Law, Studio Legale Avv. Michele Sacchi provides assistance and consultancy on the following areas:

Our Law Firm is able to provide its customers with advanced communication in English and in German.

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